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The Latest Launches From Neptune Flood, Zurich North America and More

Neptune Flood has expanded the scope of its flood insurance products. Zurich North America launched an Occupational Accident & Employers Work Injury Liability Insurance Policy for nonsubscribers to the workers compensation system in Texas.

What To Do If You’re In The Path Of Hurricane Sally

Hurricane Sally is soaking Alabama and Florida, bringing rainfall measured by feet as it slowly heads to Georgia.
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Neptune Flood adds residential condo coverage with Axa XL and Lloyd’s

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Neptune Flood Expands Coverage to Include All NFIP Classes

Neptune Flood, an AI-driven flood insurance company, has expanded its flood insurance products to now include all NFIP product types.
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The Biggest Market Opportunity in P/C: Flood Insurance

COVID-19 has completely upended the way we do business. Everything from working to doctor appointments and family gatherings has become a contactless experience. The insurance industry, with dual shocks of event cancellation insurance and business interruption risk, has been hit with an event that wiped out the protections of global geographic diversification. The high losses are spurring an accelerated search for new markets and uncorrelated risks.
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Neptune Flood’s Podcast: Nancy Watkins, Principal at Milliman

In the latest edition of Digital Insurance Leaders, Neptune Flood’s Chairman Jim Albert speaks to Nancy Watkins - Principal at Milliman and flood insurance industry thought leader.
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Neptune Consumer Survey of Flood Risk Awareness

The recent Neptune Consumer Survey of Flood Risk Awareness, a national survey conducted in partnership with the University of South Florida, uncovered three areas of misconception that have resulted in dangerously low homeowner uptake of flood insurance across the country.
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Flood awareness survey developed by USF professor

Flood awareness survey developed by USF professor finds public minimizes risk of flooding, resulting in low demand for flood insurance.
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Neptune Flood’s Podcast: Guy Morrow, Co-Founder of KatRisk

In the latest edition of Digital Insurance Leaders podcast, Neptune Flood’s Chairman Jim Albert speaks to Guy Morrow - Co-founder of KatRisk, a catastrophe modeling company founded in 2012.
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Consumer survey exposes perceptions of flood risk, insurance to aid insurers

In contrast to the measured flood risk in the U.S., residents significantly underestimate their personal exposure to flooding, a new consumer survey finds.
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Consumers Significantly Underestimate Their Flood Risk: Neptune Flood Insurance

Many consumers still significantly underestimate their flood risk, and nearly half have chosen to forego flood coverage because they believe it’s unnecessary or too expensive, according to InsurTech Neptune Flood Insurance’s inaugural Consumer Survey of Flood Awareness.

Neptune Flood Announces Results of the Inaugural Neptune Consumer Survey of Flood Awareness

Sampling consumers throughout the country, the survey results uncover timely data and opinions about flood risk and flood insurance.  The results provide a potential roadmap for the industry and government to work together to address and improve flood insurance coverage across the US.